Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Iphone 5


             Hey guys :)

            Sorry i haven't posted any new blog topics. Its just that I've been busy. So right now Im actually writing this topic about the new Iphone 5   .That recently came out. In my school library. Its lunch time right now and i told my best friend if she wanted to go to the library since I haven't gone on my blog on a while and wanted to check on it. Well back to the iphone 5 it is the same version of the iphone 4 but it has more advantages . You could face time any were you are and many other things you can do.
Apple has reportedly settled on a larger, 3.95-inch display for its upcoming smartphone. This will require a slight change in the resolution.
iPhone 5The larger display will measure 3.95-inches diagonally and will keep its familiar 1.94-inches width. The new iPhone screen will grow to 3.45-inches tall and will sport a new resolution of 640 x 1136. Reports say that Apple has decided to add 176 pixels to one end of the screen, bringing it close to a 16:9 screen ratio.
It seems that Apple is attempting to use the new pixels by adding a home screen with a fifth row of icons and extended application UIs that allow users to more content, perhaps similar to Android?s widgets.
And those are some details about the new iphone 5 i hope you like it . My friend has it and its awesome im getting mine in a month :/ because thats when my contract ends well bye guys remember to comment down new topics and become a follower/member bye have an awesome day 

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